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Downloaded 13 million times in Japan since November 2016, the free app Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links now coming to Europe!

This adaptation of the popular card game to play Yu-Gi-Oh! (based on the 1996 manga and anime series) allows you to create different decks to the number expanded possibilities, through its 700 usable cards. Play as Yami Yugi, Seto Kaiba and other characters, and summon monsters, spells or traps that will lead you to victory when loyal duels.

Free, Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links is available for iOS and Android, the App Store and Google Play on mobile devices.



I present my “The assault of the Mage” Deck. I associate it with Yami Yugi and his skill of Dark Power, which allows him to activate Office a Yami (without it necessarily integrated into his decklist)

The aim of the deck is to try to OTK in gathering the Arsenal Summoner, magician elementary and Riryoku so as to be able to type 2 x with the sorceress with boosts its ATK.

Generally, I ask the Summoner from the top of its 1800 DEF (1600 DEF + 200 DEF Yami). It is very often difficult to pass on the 1st game rounds. Then, I play on the sorceress in order to benefit from its “Attribute” effect that allows it to double tap if it destroys a monster.

I also added a small support Eria the charmer of water against the metagame “Mako Tsunami / / Dragon Leviathan” which is very much dominant in Ranked currently. I can protect it fairly easily with Sphere Kuriboh (big Staple of the time) or with magic hats.

This deck has allowed me to rise to the GOLD RANK 5 so far, but I have not reached the supreme title yet.

Here’s my Dino Beatdown deck.

I obviously play with Rex Raptor, because his “Dinosaur Kingdom” Skill allows to activate Office World Jurassic (without having it in the deck).For More deck Visit Yu Gi Oh Duel Links Hack once and get all the resources for free there.

So, I play mostly on 2 monsters Crawling Dragon 2 and King Rex to two heads who see their ATK 1900, almost the best current value of ATK for monsters to level 4 on the game.

I added a small support Dragon Thunder, that allows me the time to reduce the deck, and also very versatile. It allows me either to play on polymerization, use of discard for wonderful balloons, in 2 cases it is very rare to have hand dead with them.

And history push the combo to the end, I got a Bazoo the Soul Eater to banish them once at the cemetery to go up to 2500 ATK.

To accelerate this, I opt for a small playset of the White Elephant gift since my dinosaurs are normal monsters.

At the level of the traps, I opted for those who generate monsters or chips, especially when I played a gift from the White Elephant during the tour, and I remain so without monsters the next round: the embodiment of Apophis / Duplication of Clones and Conscription

Performance level, the deck is optimal to face AI and good progress in the campaign mode.

In Ranked, the deck is doing well, despite a few defeats on his counter.

No doubt the  coffers are the most important element , as far as growing our account is concerned .

So we need to be up-to-date on the way Supercell gives us the coffers.

We have already published an article in which we explain how the coffers arise, but Supercell has made some changes.

For those who did not read that note, we will review the things that are maintained and add the changes.

Clash Royale Cheats

As mentioned above the distribution of  chests  is not random  and follows a pattern, or delivery of the different boxes have an order. you can also visit www.clashroyalehackcheats.com to claim free gems and gold


We’ll explain in this simple tutorial , how to know what coffers will give you .

1. As a first step you must know how many battles you have won . The amount of battles you can see it in the profile of the player where it says “Victorias”.

2. Each battle you have won implies you have been given a safe number . The big change is that now you are only assigned a chest number   if you have free slots . Or put another way, you will not lose chests if you do not have slots available .

3. No account is taken of free coffers and crown boxes that you receive.


Some questions we have been asked:


– What about people who receive super magic coffers ? –

Super magical coffers have a probability of 0.1% (or you could quit 1 in 1000) and are not included in the list. Someone with luck could get one at any time.


What if all my chest slots are complete?

If all the slots are full, the cycle stops. Do not go to the next chest.


On the other hand they have also changed the numbers in which the different types of coffers appear, since they do not take into account those of the training camp.


As an updated summary you will receive a magic chest in the following safe numbers:

Safe 11, safe 131, safe 203


And a giant chest in:

Safe 51, safe 158, safe 190