No doubt the  coffers are the most important element , as far as growing our account is concerned .

So we need to be up-to-date on the way Supercell gives us the coffers.

We have already published an article in which we explain how the coffers arise, but Supercell has made some changes.

For those who did not read that note, we will review the things that are maintained and add the changes.

Clash Royale Cheats

As mentioned above the distribution of  chests  is not random  and follows a pattern, or delivery of the different boxes have an order. you can also visit to claim free gems and gold


We’ll explain in this simple tutorial , how to know what coffers will give you .

1. As a first step you must know how many battles you have won . The amount of battles you can see it in the profile of the player where it says “Victorias”.

2. Each battle you have won implies you have been given a safe number . The big change is that now you are only assigned a chest number   if you have free slots . Or put another way, you will not lose chests if you do not have slots available .

3. No account is taken of free coffers and crown boxes that you receive.


Some questions we have been asked:


– What about people who receive super magic coffers ? –

Super magical coffers have a probability of 0.1% (or you could quit 1 in 1000) and are not included in the list. Someone with luck could get one at any time.


What if all my chest slots are complete?

If all the slots are full, the cycle stops. Do not go to the next chest.


On the other hand they have also changed the numbers in which the different types of coffers appear, since they do not take into account those of the training camp.


As an updated summary you will receive a magic chest in the following safe numbers:

Safe 11, safe 131, safe 203


And a giant chest in:

Safe 51, safe 158, safe 190